Day 172 – The Hunger Games

“A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot.” – Joe Vitale

The hunger games are now officially complete. The time leading up to the wedding was filled with or should I say not filled with many calories / carbs. There were plenty of salads instead of cheesesteaks and fries. It was a constant effort to be lean and maintain / cut weight. This is no longer the case anymore and it does feel great. Now I’m never the type to completely drop my health goals of course but I am super excited to start something new. For the next X amount of months I will be switching the focus to strength. Not quite bulking season, but I definitely will be eating more calories and lifting heavier. It’s always good to switch it up every few months and this switch up was well overdue. How has everyone else’s fitness goals been going? Have you been staying on those goals you set for yourself back on New Year’s Eve? Have you just started goals this past spring for the summer? Don’t forget if you fell off, the best time to start back up is today. Not when the next calendar year or next season starts. If you do need some motivation though, the halfway point of the year is coming up so maybe that is a good way to push yourself. 

Item 172 of 360+

Today’s item, or items, is a large pile of mail. I know everyone is guilty of leaving old piles of mail, magazines, and ads throughout the house. It’s easy to let them pile up with the never-ending stream of mail that comes 6 out of 7 days of the week. Stay on top of those junk piles and get rid of the clutter!

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