Day 11 – Sheer Transparency

“Being transparent about our plans enables us to get better feedback.” -Shantanu Narayen

How can you truly be real with yourself if you’re not real with the ones around you? Amalia here hitting you with a dash of reality on this Marvelous Monday!

In the age of social media there’s a lack of “realness” with your peers. Showing off all your new things, all the happy events, your new haircut etc. You more often see everyone’s, “look at me, I’m achieving and doing so great” posts rather than the posts about hardships, thoughts, feelings or rawness people experience from day to day. It’s easy to get caught up in feeling like you need to catch up to everyone else seeing how great they are doing based off of their social media accounts. However, most people only share things they want you to see.. I would be a hypocrite if I said I didn’t do the same, because I do. I’m not saying you should go out and talk about your most private thoughts by any means. What I do mean to get across is not to feel unsure or insecure about yourself because you “see” the wonderful lives of your peers.

Starting this blog, our most important goal is to be transparent. Get a glimpse inside our lives and experience the emotions we are going through throughout this next year as we try something new. If we aren’t true to you, we aren’t being genuine with ourselves. This goal is a process and lifestyle change that won’t happen easily or swiftly. Our focus is to provide ourselves and you all, the realness behind trying something new, in this case, living a minimalistic lifestyle everyday. We hope that in the age of social media we can bring people back down to Earth and stop getting caught in the “look at me” posts and the ads between these posts showing you all the cool stuff you must have to be like these people. Be real with yourself and ask, “Is this really going to make me happy? Or am I just doing this to fit in or fill a void in my life? Can I be using this money towards something else that makes me truly happy?” I hope this helps you think differently next time you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and then rushing to buy that jacket or whatever it may be that everyone has.

Item 011 of 360+

For our eleventh day we are donating a set of sheers. I held onto these as an extra set but I don’t need them.. only so many windows in the house. I figured the theme of transparency fit well with this set of sheers for the windows haha!

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