Day 353 – On The 6th Day, Phones

“Mobile phones are misnamed. They should be called gateways to human knowledge.” -Ray Kurzweil “When it comes to social media, there are just times I turn off the world, you know. There are just some times you have to give yourself space to be quiet, which means you’ve got to set those phones down.” -MichelleContinue reading “Day 353 – On The 6th Day, Phones”

Day 92 – The Social Media Menace

“The most important thing about a technology is how it changes people.” – Jaron Lanier Last night, TJ and I watched a documentary on Netflix called The Social Dilemma. This documentary was about how much social media has influenced and changed our lives… not so much for the better, but for the worse. Social mediaContinue reading “Day 92 – The Social Media Menace”

Day 85 – Top 5 Distractions

“There are always distractions, if you allow them.” – Tony La Russa It seems like it would be fun to do a Top Five list and maybe make this a trend for some of our Fridays. The best way I could come up with is to pose a topic, list the five with some detailsContinue reading “Day 85 – Top 5 Distractions”

Day 60 – A Weekend of Less

“It takes discipline not to let social media steal your time.” -Alexis Ohanian “Distracted from distraction by distraction.” -T.S. Eliot This past weekend, as promised, I did not go on social media and I deleted Tik Tok. The most surprising outcome to me is I really didn’t even notice it. What’s bothering me is howContinue reading “Day 60 – A Weekend of Less”

Day 57 – Disconnect

“Turn off your email; turn off your phone; disconnect from the Internet; figure out a way to set limits so you can concentrate when you need to, and disengage when you need to. Technology is a good servant but a bad master.” Gretchen Rubin Disconnect. This will always be a common theme for me andContinue reading “Day 57 – Disconnect”

Day 12 – Distractions

“You can’t do big things if you’re distracted by small things.” – Anonymous Welcome again or for the first time, it’s TJ and it’s a Tuesday night. This is the latest I have written a post so far and it’s because I have let distractions get the best of me the last two days. TimeContinue reading “Day 12 – Distractions”

Day 11 – Sheer Transparency

“Being transparent about our plans enables us to get better feedback.” -Shantanu Narayen How can you truly be real with yourself if you’re not real with the ones around you? Amalia here hitting you with a dash of reality on this Marvelous Monday! In the age of social media there’s a lack of “realness” withContinue reading “Day 11 – Sheer Transparency”