Day 12 – Distractions

“You can’t do big things if you’re distracted by small things.” – Anonymous

Welcome again or for the first time, it’s TJ and it’s a Tuesday night. This is the latest I have written a post so far and it’s because I have let distractions get the best of me the last two days. Time wasted is never a good thing. There is such limited time per day and something I am trying to desperately do is make the most out of my free time. I got sucked into social media today. Something I am trying to get better with but it hasn’t been improving enough, so I think it is finally time to take some real action.

Something I have been doing is when I catch myself in the black hole (death scroll) with Tik Tok, Twitter, or Facebook, is I close the app and then I proceed to do something productive. Though it is helping me be a bit more productive, I still end up back on social media too quickly when I could be having quality time with Amalia or reading a book or playing a new video game or learning something new. Enough is enough, it’s “visual crack”, as the minimalists say, it’s too easy and accessible and it drives me nuts that I can’t limit myself better. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, if you want to help yourself make a change, track your screen time for the next few days, even weeks and see for yourself. I did mine, if you would like to know my stats leave a comment but for now they will stay hidden lol.

So what should I do next? My plan is simple but of course not easy (a recurring theme), if I want to check an update on any of the social media platforms, I have to do 10 pushups. If Amalia or I catch me in the black hole of social media, 20 push ups on top of the 10. If this doesn’t work and I can’t limit myself better, it will be time to think about deleting the apps. If there are any other suggestions on how you combat the death scroll, please let me know, maybe I can try those too. This idea is a fun way to try to get better and help with my fitness goals, double whammy. Overall though, there have been a lot of positives to this new year so far, social media usage is still lower than last year and most importantly, writing these blog posts everyday. Staying positive, living better, decluttering things, getting rid of distractions, and living a more deliberate life is what this is all about.

Item 012 of 360+

It’s TWOSday so why not a PAIR of gloves… oh boy, I went there. Once again, it’s still chilly out there so we hope these gloves can help someone less fortunate this winter season. Helping others while helping ourselves declutter and live a more meaningful life, an even better double whammy. Until next time, less is more.

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