Day 259 – Nerves

“Nerves are natural, it means you’re ready to face a challenge and perform.” – Dan Carter

Dread Pirate Robert’s Matey here but in live action for a moment today! I got inspired…
So I have two “halfway to St. Patrick’s day” parades this upcoming weekend. I have to admit, I’m pretty nervous as this will be my first time performing with the band. However, I have to keep my cool, because you know what? Being nervous and jittery only makes things worse! How many times did you screw up a date or a job interview because you were nervous and said all the wrong things? Lots. Nerves only bring you down. In my opinion, it’s best to just toss those jitters aside and do your best. After all, how many times were you so nervous for something and it turned out to not be that bad? Probably 9/10 times, right? So, I believe that even though you may be nervous, you need to overcome it because it’ll only bring you down. I’ve been practicing every week for over a year now for this and I’m not going to let some jitters blow it for me. 

I’ve always done my best when performing in front of a crowd, whether it be tennis matches, school plays, or interviews. You know why? Because I toss my nerves to the side and tell myself to “go big or go home.” I’ve gone big and it’s worked out for me every time. I’m going to be nervous, but going into this weekend with the right state of mind (and the help of some brandy) I’m sure I’ll be fine and play my best. Besides, everyone will probably be drunk anyway! Today’s quote really sums up how I feel about nerves and I hope it helps you guys too! Well, enjoy your day and there’s much to be done this week so we’ll be back live on Monday!

Item 259 of 360+

Today’s item is a set of headbands I had that don’t wear any longer. I’ve had the same hair accessory basket for years and just kept cramming stuff into it without realizing what accumulated!

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