Day 261 – My Debut

“You know, if I can survive marching band, I can survive anything.” – Nellie McKay Well, today is the day! As you’re reading this, I will probably be marching downtown with a snare drum strapped to my pelvis for the halfway to St. Patrick’s Day parade. I’m very excited and very nervous but today willContinue reading “Day 261 – My Debut”

Day 259 – Nerves

“Nerves are natural, it means you’re ready to face a challenge and perform.” – Dan Carter Dread Pirate Robert’s Matey here but in live action for a moment today! I got inspired…So I have two “halfway to St. Patrick’s day” parades this upcoming weekend. I have to admit, I’m pretty nervous as this will beContinue reading “Day 259 – Nerves”