Day 117 – Get Over It

“You can’t win unless you first begin. So start now.” – Robin S. Sharma

Sometimes you just have to “get over it” as my husband says. Whenever I start to complain about doing something or psyching myself out before an event, TJ just says “get over it” and you know what? It’s actually helpful advice. You know why?  Because we hype ourselves up so much for something we are dreading or are nervous about and it ends up never being as bad as we thought it would be, well, most of the time anyway. Life is full of surprises and many crazy and various moments that can leave you feeling scared or full of anxiety. You just got to go and get after it though. Just get over those insecurities and nervousness and carry on.

There will always be times you don’t want to do something but if you go ahead and end up fulfilling your task, sometimes you often feel glad you did it! For example, trying out for a part in a play may have you feeling nervous and scared that you second guess auditioning. But as today’s quote says, you can’t win unless you learn how to lose. You wouldn’t have a chance to get that part in the play unless you auditioned and just got over the nervousness. All of us go through these events where we dread doing things or are looking for excuses to get out of things. However, you often are missing out on greater opportunities that make you stronger as a person. Next time you’re feeling dread about a particular task or attending an event, you may find yourself taking something from going and may even enjoy it. Just get over it and get out there and do it. 

Item 117 of 360+

Today’s item is a pair of heels I begged TJ for one Christmas and NEVER wore them. Yepp, never wore them. They ended up being too high and hurt my feet but I never got rid of them because I felt bad since I asked TJ for them specifically. I told you guys I was awful at keeping things because they were gifted to me. I’m honestly over it now though and maybe there’s a few things in your closet that were gifted to you that you’ve been dying to get rid of. Someone new will hopefully get good use out of these beauties. Perhaps these will be worn next during a night on the town?

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