Day 118 – Taking it Easy

“There is a German proverb which says that Take-it-Easy and Live-Long are brothers.” -Christian Nestell Bovee

There is a time for everything and right now, it’s time to take it easy. Things have been a bit crazy with work, pre-wedding events, house work, and plans. With all the craziness, it’s nice to take some time away for some relaxation. I am on vacation now for the next few days on a fishing trip with some family. I am hopeful to catch some fish and just enjoy some time out of the ordinary day to day. We will see how it goes but no matter what happens, I will be in a more relaxed state and taking it easy for a few days.

Item 118 of 360+

Today’s item is one of my polos. I went through my closet once again and found a few different polos that I just haven’t worn in a while. Now, I wear polos to work everyday so if I haven’t worn a polo in a while than it’s not going to be worn again. If it’s not being worn, it’s not worth keeping around. Hopefully someone else will get some use out of this polo.


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