Day 75 – Self Care

“As you curl up to fall asleep, I hope you know how much you matter.” – Stephanie Chinnart

It’s so important to take care of yourself, both mentally and physically. You have one body and should treat it with love and respect. Self care is so crucial for your confidence and your mentality. Eating a bunch of junk food and lounging about is not only a poor use of your time, but it’s also hurting your health as well as your confidence in yourself. Not washing your hair for days on end and not drinking enough water can cause the same issues. There’s a lot that one can do for themselves to improve their bodies, help express and find their self love, and increase their confidence in themselves. Sometimes when you neglect taking the time to care and pamper yourself, you may be dealing with some mental issues as well. When you are feeling good physically, you feel good mentally too! This past month I had to lose some weight to get into my wedding dress. I was dreading it. Once I started watching what I ate, drinking lots of water, and exercising more it became easier and easier. I felt really good and strong. I started not only watching my weight but pampering my skin and doing my makeup more often. Mentally I felt clearer in my head, it really improved my thinking and love for myself within the last couple weeks. 

Self care doesn’t mean you have to lose weight to love yourself by any means. Self care is recognizing if you may not be in the best health mentally or physically and acting upon it for solely your self improvement. Just taking little steps and incorporating more healthy and self loving activities into your lifestyle is so worth it! Thinking about starting yoga or meditation? Try a class once a week or look up some videos! Want to take a nice long bubble bath? You deserve it after having a long day. Little things like this can really improve your mood. Remember that taking time for yourself is not only super important for you, but your loved ones will notice and appreciate your new found confidence and glow about yourself when you take care of yourself and realize you’re someone who deserves pampering. Today’s quote is from my friend Sasha’s self care business (which is super successful and I’m very proud of her). Get a good night’s rest because you deserve it and matter! 

Item 075 of 360+

Today’s item is a Sam Winchester Pop from the show Supernatural. This is a perfect subject for this item as Jared Padelecki in real life, along with friend and brother in the show Jensen Ackles both supported self-care charities. Jared raised money and awareness to help those struggling with depression and suicide. This made the show that much more likeable for us because the actors who we enjoyed were also good role models in real life. Self Care is for everyone.

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