Day 227 – Homemade

“I love getting anything homemade – anything that’s from the heart. If you can make or craft your own something, that always goes above and beyond, like, a candle – which is great, but if it’s homemade, that’s so much better for me.” -David Burtka

It was my my Dad’s birthday yesterday so we planned a few weeks back to have a nice meal for him with some of his close friends. Amalia and I were happy to host it and prepare some of Amalia’s delicious, homemade meatballs. It was a long day of prep work and cooking but it was all worth it for a great night with friends. Even the prep work and cooking were a good time. It’s the quality time with family and friends like this that we will all remember. These are the types of things that are important in life and I’m glad that we were able to host and have a great night together. The hope is that tomorrow will be a good day as well, I know I’m already thinking about the leftover meatballs on Meatball Monday.

Item 227 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item came with the house. It’s an old garbage can that was in a drawer with a mechanism that allowed it to mover forward and backward to go in and out of the drawer. We never used it and I finally got around to removing it from the kitchen to clear up space as needed. Hopefully something can go there now that we actually use instead of having this in there sitting idle and unused.

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