Day 343 – Child At Heart

“To a young heart everything is fun.” – Charles Dickens I am a strong proponent of making the most out of the time you are given. This should not come at the expense of others but at the same time, don’t let negative people get in your way of living your life to the fullest.Continue reading “Day 343 – Child At Heart”

Day 293 – Workin’ Hard or Hardly Livin’

“My life is very much consumed with work.” – Ryan Kwanten You ever come across something within your day that strikes a chord with you? Today I read something about how much we work that hit my way of thinking. It had went on to say how we work 9-5 jobs and come home forContinue reading “Day 293 – Workin’ Hard or Hardly Livin’”

Day 143 – Sunny with a chance of..

May you always walk in sunshine. May you never want for more. – An Irish Blessing It seems fitting, an Irish blessing one week out from the wedding. Today was beautiful outside so although it was a busy day, I did fit in a lot of time to be outside, which felt great. So aContinue reading “Day 143 – Sunny with a chance of..”

Day 85 – Top 5 Distractions

“There are always distractions, if you allow them.” – Tony La Russa It seems like it would be fun to do a Top Five list and maybe make this a trend for some of our Fridays. The best way I could come up with is to pose a topic, list the five with some detailsContinue reading “Day 85 – Top 5 Distractions”