Day 306 – Healthy Holidays

“It’s not a diet, it’s called eating healthy.” -Anubha Das The Holidays are upon us. With the weather changing and the Holiday season right around the corner, it’s common to not eat as healthy. This week at home and at work has been the start of it. Everywhere I turn there is candy or someContinue reading “Day 306 – Healthy Holidays”

Day 292 – The Last Push

“Keep Pushing. It will all be worth it.” – Anonymous An update from yesterday’s digital declutter post. I set a goal for myself to clear my email by both unsubscribing and reading them. I am happy to update that my email went from 1,072 to 8. Plus, I got much less emails today thanks toContinue reading “Day 292 – The Last Push”

Day 181 – Pool Night

“When the weather is hot, keep a cool mind. When the weather is cold, keep a warm heart.” – Ajahn Brahm“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink in the wild air.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson It’s almost too hot out to think. We had some A/C troubles earlier in the week and I didn’tContinue reading “Day 181 – Pool Night”

Day 143 – Sunny with a chance of..

May you always walk in sunshine. May you never want for more. – An Irish Blessing It seems fitting, an Irish blessing one week out from the wedding. Today was beautiful outside so although it was a busy day, I did fit in a lot of time to be outside, which felt great. So aContinue reading “Day 143 – Sunny with a chance of..”