Day 364 – New Year Goals

“You have to be able to get up and dust yourself off and always be going forward.” -Rita Moreno “Goals aren’t made to be met but to be exceeded” – TJ Thomas, Day 1 of 2021 “If you truly want to get be better, you can’t do it in a day or a week, itContinue reading “Day 364 – New Year Goals”

Day 312 – Time of Day

“Don’t give anything unworthy of your attention the time of day.” – TJ Thomas How many times have you heard someone say verbatim “well it used to be such a good show so I have to see it through…” Well, no actually you do not.. If it’s not worth your time, stop doing it. It’sContinue reading “Day 312 – Time of Day”

Day 99 – Problems with Possession

“I got 99 problems and things aren’t one.” – TJ Thomas TJ said this quote for today’s post since it’s Day 99 and he secretly really wanted me to use his original quote. Anyway, It’s Day 99 which means we are one day shy of our 100 day mark! Can’t believe it’s been that longContinue reading “Day 99 – Problems with Possession”