Day 260 – Quality Time

“As you wish” – William Goldman Tonight’s post will be a short one because I will be spending quality time with TJ since he was gone all week for work. If you are unaware, quality time is one of the five love languages. I have written a blog post a while back talking about theseContinue reading “Day 260 – Quality Time”

Day 231 – Drive-In Date

“Time, attention and energy. These are the things that worry me.” – TJ T. Sometimes you just got to do something spontaneous and fun with your significant other during the work week. Not only does it improve your relationship by spending time together, but it also creates a better mood overall. Doing something to breakContinue reading “Day 231 – Drive-In Date”

Day 140 – Overworked and Overtired

“Do not overwork the mind any more than the body; do everything with moderation.” – Francis Bacon Throughout the past year and a half or so since the pandemic, a lot of us have put our vacations on hold and some have been working from home as well. The mix of these two, at leastContinue reading “Day 140 – Overworked and Overtired”

Day 109 – Finding Time

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” – Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace. If something is worth it, you find time to do it no matter how busy you are. In life, it’s important to prioritize things. Will you always make the right choice? Nope. I haven’t made all the right choices inContinue reading “Day 109 – Finding Time”

Day 73 – Glass Half Full

“Sometimes the best thing to do is pretend it didn’t happen.” – Candace Bushnell “The only thing a golfer needs is more daylight”. – Ben Hogan You don’t lose an hour if you pretend it didn’t happen. In fact, all that is left is positives then, more sunlight at the end of our days forContinue reading “Day 73 – Glass Half Full”

Day 46 – Finding Balance

“Live a life that is well balanced; don’t do things in excess.” -Daniel Smith There is so much to do but are you putting your time and focus into the right things? That’s a question I (TJ) have asked myself this year and a question I plan to continue to ask myself. Tom Rosenthal sings itContinue reading “Day 46 – Finding Balance”

Day 18 – Minimize Stuff, Maximize Time

“You will change your mind; You will change your looks; You will change your smile, laugh, and ways but no matter what you change, you will always be you.” – Martin Luther King Jr. In the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I decided to use a quote from him today that was aContinue reading “Day 18 – Minimize Stuff, Maximize Time”