Day 346 – The Grinch

“Love the giver more than the gift.” – Brigham Young So Amalia and I had the opportunity last night to sit down and watch my favorite Christmas movie, The Grinch (Jim Carey version). It is very quotable and funny, things I enjoy very so in a movie. But the reason I bring it up isContinue reading “Day 346 – The Grinch”

Day 2 – Christmas Clutter Craziness

Hello, it’s Amalia, the wife, here. Nice to meet you all! I’m here to talk to you about my Day 2 experience in our 360 in 365 goal! Item 002 of 360+ As I started packing up all of the Christmas décor spread out throughout the house from the recent holiday hubbub, I realized thereContinue reading “Day 2 – Christmas Clutter Craziness”