Day 31 – Great Expectations

“Managing expectations creates inspiration and suffocates frustration.” – Zanze Sheeroh Shoe Sunday has approached us this week and it’s Amalia here joining you from the treadmill this evening. Today I want to talk about expectations and managing them with a realistic approach to avoid disappointment later on. I know we’ve all had expectations for thingsContinue reading “Day 31 – Great Expectations”

Day 10 – Upgrade Yourself

“Upgrade yourself, feel empowered and build inner strength, growth habits and simple strategies to maximize your life.” – Jordan Wright  Welcome back or welcome for the first time, happy Shoe Sundays (while quantities last*), it’s TJ. Today, let’s talk about upgrading yourself, getting a little selfish for the right reasons is not selfish at all.Continue reading “Day 10 – Upgrade Yourself”

Day 3 – Less Shoes, More Walking

“Decluttering, organizing, and paring down don’t work unless you first find peace in doing without.” – Joshua Fields Millburn Hey it’s TJ again, I figured let’s start with a quote today, maybe this will be how I start from now on. It’s for inspiration and it’s also to show, hey we’re not alone in this journey.Continue reading “Day 3 – Less Shoes, More Walking”