Day 45 – A Change of Scenery

“A simple change of scenery can bring about powerful shifts in the flow of time and emotions.” ― Haruki Murakami Sometimes a change in your environment is just what you need when your situation makes you unhappy or discontent. This change can be short term of long term depending on your circumstances. It’s important to beContinue reading “Day 45 – A Change of Scenery”

Day 38 – Super Snacky Bowl

“Consistency is always the best teacher.” -Stephon Marbury No treadmill today but I am going to write this during my rest time while working out with my weights at home. Hello again, it’s TJ for another Shoe Sunday. I’m trying to do some exercises prior to some super bowl indulgences. The big game always hasContinue reading “Day 38 – Super Snacky Bowl”

Day 17 – Value Personal Health

“Most people concentrate on the urgent in our culture. We worry about our health and focus on our money only after they’re gone.” – Dave Ramsey  Hello from the treadmill, it’s TJ again on a wonderful Shoe Sunday afternoon. The minimalists like to talk about core values; things that are truly important that everyone shouldContinue reading “Day 17 – Value Personal Health”