Day 353 – On The 6th Day, Phones

“Mobile phones are misnamed. They should be called gateways to human knowledge.” -Ray Kurzweil “When it comes to social media, there are just times I turn off the world, you know. There are just some times you have to give yourself space to be quiet, which means you’ve got to set those phones down.” -MichelleContinue reading “Day 353 – On The 6th Day, Phones”

Day 9 – Limit the Temptations

“Don’t be long, where you don’t belong” – Unknown Privyet! It’s TJ and that’s how you say “hello” or “hi” in Russian. Breaking the ice in these blogs isn’t easy but it’s a work in progress. It’s Saturday, the day with the most free time for the average 9-5 worker. This should be the easiestContinue reading “Day 9 – Limit the Temptations”