Day 363 – The Non-Material Items

“One day you will realize that material things mean nothing. All that matters is the well-being of the people in your life.” – Leon Brown Well, can you believe it? We are only 2 more days away from completing a full year of Minimalism Everyday! Time flies when you’re having fun…. also something that hasContinue reading “Day 363 – The Non-Material Items”

Day 340 – Almost There

“Do or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda We are only twenty-five days away from our 365 day challenge! We are getting to the end here and the amount of items and bags have piled up from all of the things we’ve been getting rid of. Sometimes we don’t get rid of theContinue reading “Day 340 – Almost There”

Day 70 – Make the Change

“Progress is not inevitable. It’s up to us to create it.” – Michael Bloomberg Woohoo! Day 70! Today’s Thursday Thoughts is a reflection. We just filled another bag today of items that we are donating and it’s very real now, especially with already being on day 70 of our minimalistic journey. We are actually seeingContinue reading “Day 70 – Make the Change”