Day 261 – My Debut

“You know, if I can survive marching band, I can survive anything.” – Nellie McKay Well, today is the day! As you’re reading this, I will probably be marching downtown with a snare drum strapped to my pelvis for the halfway to St. Patrick’s Day parade. I’m very excited and very nervous but today willContinue reading “Day 261 – My Debut”

Day 179 – Hobby Update

“Hobbies are great distractions from the worries and troubles that plague daily living.” – Bill Malone Last week I had my first parade as a Black Diamond. What’s a Black Diamond you ask? Well, it’s the bag pipe band I joined last year as a start to my newest hobby. The parade I was inContinue reading “Day 179 – Hobby Update”

Day 97 – Beauty Buying

“Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body.” – George Carlin This post is for the beauty bloggers out there today. It’s good to have hobbies in your life, right? But what happens when your hobbies turn into hoarding? There’s a fine lineContinue reading “Day 97 – Beauty Buying”

Day 55 – Happiness in Hobbies

“No man is really happy or safe without a hobby.” – William Osler Realizing I hadn’t had any hobbies is one of the mid-twenties crises I have had. I realized that I was the only one from work one day while talking with some coworkers without a hobby. I mentioned a few things I didContinue reading “Day 55 – Happiness in Hobbies”