Day 264 – a better me

“Thinking I should be a better me.” – Kid Cudi There is a lot background noise in life. A lot of things going on everyday to enjoy, get distracted by or obsess over. Do you get caught up in it? The past few weeks have been a little nosier than usual. Today, I put onContinue reading “Day 264 – a better me”

Day 134 – Spring Cleaning

“The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don’t. ” -Marie Kondo “Spring is a time of new beginnings, new possibilities… What quality would you like to grow this spring?” -Tara Killen Today, TJ and I wasted no time and got to work on this beautifulContinue reading “Day 134 – Spring Cleaning”

Day 125 – Tidy Up

“Clean up your own mess.” – Robert Fulghum Today I straightened up the house. It feels good to get tasks done and get your house in order. If your house isn’t in order, your life is likely not either. I find bliss in having a clean home and organization is key to having an orderlyContinue reading “Day 125 – Tidy Up”