Day 363 – The Non-Material Items

“One day you will realize that material things mean nothing. All that matters is the well-being of the people in your life.” – Leon Brown

Well, can you believe it? We are only 2 more days away from completing a full year of Minimalism Everyday! Time flies when you’re having fun…. also something that has tickled my mind lately is that you don’t need things to have fun and enjoy yourself. For example, this year TJ and I focused more of our spending on experiences and trips rather than fancy new furniture for the house or new wardrobes. Instead, we got rid of clothes and focused more on the experience of our blog together by getting rid of items instead of just shopping for new things. I know TJ and I appreciate trips and experiences more so we will keep that going moving forward. Another thing I noticed with non-materialistic items, was the items given this Christmas. Sure, we still got each other ‘stuff,’ but not as much this year. TJ and I focused on things we needed and things that were really thoughtful yet rather inexpensive. The thoughtful items mean much more than the price tag.

Our friends have even joined in on the minimalism everyday. Our one friend got us a Munchpak of snacks from around the world. He said it can be eaten and is an experience for which he thought we would appreciate since we are embracing minimalism. Our other friends came in from California and instead of packing away an item to fly across the country, they bought groceries and made us a dinner in our home to enjoy together. My sister also got us a gift card to one of our favorite restaurants so we can all have dinner together. My step dad got me a gift certificate to the salon I like to get my hair done at which is very thoughtful and will definitely be used! TJ and I appreciated these gifts so much because they bring an experience with each of them without taking up space in our home. We’re not sure if we actually rubbed off on anyone else but it sure seems like others are embracing (or at least embracing our embracement) of minimalism.

Item 363 of 360 goal (complete and then some for the year)

Today’s item is one of TJ’s old shirts from college he had turned into a cutoff for the gym. It has had it’s time and it’s time to say goodbye!

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