Day 362 – Items with a Sprinkle of Guilt

“Repetition doesn’t create memories. New experiences do.” -Brian Chesky

I decided to save some of the best items for last from me. It’s been awhile since we discussed items with memory and nostalgia with a sprinkle of guilt. These are some of the hardest items to let go but the important thing to remember is at the end of the day, they are just items. Today’s item isn’t anything too special but it was bought on an awesome trip to Disney and in my favorite park, Epcot. Unfortunately, it was a little tight on me so I never really got to wear it. It was a fun shirt so I kept it around even though I knew I never was going to wear it comfortably. These types of items are the worst because they are hard to let go. There is a sort of memory from them and also a sort of guilt to keep them because they were never truly used. The best thing to do is to step back and analyze what’s going on. There is a shirt, which is an item used to wear at minimum on occasion. If it can’t serve it’s purpose anymore than there is no reason for it to stick around. The memories will live on after the shirt and it could go a long way with freeing up space in your closet, one unused shirt at a time. To forget about the guilt, just remember that when you donate a shirt, someone else who can wear it will have the opportunity to wear it and actually enjoy it. With this outlook, it becomes a lot easier to let go and declutter the things that we don’t really use. Happy 3 more days of the year and post!

Item 362 of 360 goal (complete and then some for the year)

Today’s extra decluttered item is the shirt I mentioned from Epcot. It’s a pretty awesome shirt and I hope that it can get worn and appreciated by someone else.

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