Day 357 – On the 2nd Day, Cars

“The cars we drive say a lot about us.” -Alexandra Paul

On the 2nd day ’til Christmas, we selected our cars as another item we truly value. Just to clear up any confusion, we do not mean Cars the movie, even though that is a good movie of course. My thought on cars is that I want something that is useful and reliable. I also like to be able to drive it and not worry about scratches or potholes. Everyone is different though. Some like comfort and convenience of new vehicles. I think my opinion will change based on where I currently am in life. Ad of today, I am still paying loans on things and my main goal with a vehicle was to not have to pay high monthly payments. It suited me well and I appreciate my little Subaru. I also appreciate Amalia’s newer Subaru that we take on longer trips/adventures because it can hold the bike rack and is the more reliable vehicle. Cars are an important decision in our lives, not everyone thinks about it but it’s a commitment. I’m just happy that I have the ability to own one and that I feel like I made the right decision with my purchase. To recap, we now have discussed bikes (12th), kitchen appliances (11th), a table for gathering (10th), the computer (9th), the couch (8th), a coffee maker (7th), phones (6th), shoes (5th), tools (4th), forms of entertainment (3rd), and now our cars! What do you think will be our final item? Stay tuned tomorrow to find out!

Item 357 of 360+

Today’s daily decluttered item is a “Hazardous Waste” mug. We had too many mugs so we decided to get rid of this one. If they don’t all fit in a cupboard, one has to go.

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