Day 350 – On The 9th Day, Our Computer

“The good news about computers is that they do what you tell them to do. The bad news is that they do what you tell them to do.” -Ted Nelson

On the 9th day til Christmas, our 9th truly valued item agreed on by Amalia and I is our computer and desk. This is where the magic happens. The past 349 days and again today we have used this computer to write our blogs. This is also the place where we pay our bills and plan our travel. It’s was hand built by my friend Nate and I and has been very reliable for over six years. It’s been a part of my daily routine for almost a year now where I come on, look up a quote and write a blog and attach a decluttered item. The quote is spot on about computers, which relates to phones as well. It’s on the user to limit themselves and use these limitless tools for productivity and positivity rather than overuse and laziness. I fall victim to it, I will sit here an procrastinate but it’s just about trying our best to limit ourselves and use things appropriately. To recap, we now have discussed, bikes (12th), kitchen appliances (11th), a table for gathering(10th) and now our computer. What do you think will be next?

Item 350 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is a belt that has seen its last day. This is going to the garbage but it’s one of those item that is a reminder to everyone to get rid of things when you’re done wearing / using them. Once items don’t have use there’s no use in keeping them around.

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