Day 349 – On The 10th Day, Table for Gathering

“The family was an art… and the dinner table was the place it found expression.” -Don DeLillo

On the 10th day til Christmas, our 10th truly valued item to talk about is our table for gathering! This table was gift from our friends Ali and Greg and it’s perfect for us. It has the ability to be made into a huge table for family meals but for the majority of the year we can keep it smaller for just Amalia and I. We love having friends and family over so a table to sit around to enjoy conversations, games and meals is a must have for us. It’s something we truly find value in. It reminds me of my grandmother’s table in her kitchen. So many memories were made with the a simple table to sit around and it’s something I am happy to carry on to my house. You hear many people talking about how dining rooms are no longer necessary but that’s not for us. The last thing is that Amalia and I enjoy having dinner together and not doing anything else. It’s the time of day to talk about whatever we want to whether it be something funny or venting about something. All of this is made possible by having this wonderful table for gathering. So we now have discussed, bikes (12th), kitchen appliances (11th) and now the table (10th). What do you think will be next?

Item 349 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is a small Christmas Santa snow globe. We noticed that we had a lot of Christmas things when taking out the decorations so this was one of the few we decided to get rid of. We plan on doing this little by little every year to get rid of some of the old things.

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