Day 348 – On The 11th Day, Kitchen Appliances

“I have a greater appreciation for kitchen appliances, having played one.” – Anthony Daniels

Well, today is the 11th day and no, we are not talking about pipers piping. Instead, we are talking about kitchen appliances being our next item that gives us value/joy. This one in particular is more value driven than joyous as it makes our daily lives easier. The time we save having a dishwasher allows us to spend more time with each other and provides more convenience. The oven allows us to save money by preparing food at home rather than ordering out and allows us to make healthier home-cooked meals. The microwave is useful in heating up foods and leftovers so we aren’t as wasteful with food. The instant pot/crock pot cooks meals quickly and is one of my favorite appliances to make quick and easy dinners. Finally, the mixer allows we to bake my favorites easy and efficiently as I enjoy to bake, especially around the holidays!

Item 348 of 360+

Today’s item is a pair of old ornaments that no longer have meaning for us. Instead of blindly putting all of the ornaments on the Christmas tree this year, we thought about which ones we were putting on and got rid of a few that we didn’t find meaningful to us.

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