Day 346 – The Grinch

“Love the giver more than the gift.” – Brigham Young

So Amalia and I had the opportunity last night to sit down and watch my favorite Christmas movie, The Grinch (Jim Carey version). It is very quotable and funny, things I enjoy very so in a movie. But the reason I bring it up is because the movie does have some meaning in the holiday season. The reason is that it’s not all about the presents. Every store in our area is packed with people trying to buy presents. With this comes the chaos of extra traffic and just general frustration in people. Obviously, we like to get presents for loved ones but it’s not what truly matters. Last year we started and now this year we are trying even more to purchase a bit less around the holidays. Not only that, I am trying to purchase more practical, useful yet still thoughtful gifts for everyone. We also asked our families to give us less. It’s less money and wasted time shopping and more time to just focus on what matters, enjoying the lead up to the holidays with Christmas cookies, of course.

Starting tomorrow we will be doing the 12 Days of Minimalism leading up to Christmas. It’s a way for us to pinpoint certain items to help focus on having less around the holidays. We will explain more tomorrow.

Item 346 of 360+

Today’s item is an oversized Xmas sweater my dad got for Amalia last year. It’s a running gag each year to get her a new Canada Dry Xmas sweater but they ran out of the smaller sizes last year. Thus this was the one given but she obviously can not wear it. Therefore, when we found it again this year, we decided to donate it in hopes that someone else may be able to use it this Xmas season!

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