Day 333 – The Five Dailys

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.” -Abraham Lincoln

Before we start, I found this quote after the post was written and it might be one of my favorite quotes I’ve found this year. Think about it when your making big decisions in life and it may just help you. There are so many people caught up in the buy now, buy big, buy more and need to think about what they really want most. Discipline could be one of the hardest things in life but it’s important to master if you want to be the best version of yourself.

Well we are approaching the final month of the year. With the Christmas Season upon us, that means New Years is right around the corner. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves of course. Before hitting the end of the year, I have a challenge for everyone first. Instead of waiting a month and start your resolution tomorrow. Why wait? Now you may look at us and say well you started on January first, and its true but it just so happened to be my tipping point. If you need a tipping point like that I get it but that doesn’t mean that you can’t at least start practicing for the things you want to do next year right now. That’s exactly what I plan to do, practice actually began two weeks ago.

I am on a much different quest next year. My quest is going to be self-health improvement through food, body and exercise. This is not a diet because if you do a diet that means you plan on going back to “normal” again afterwards, this is more of a hopeful new normal for me. I am going to try to start staying away from fried foods and focus on eating home cooked meals with benefits to my health. This is just one of my many goals to be better next year. Each day I will have extra time because I won’t be writing posts or doing this challenge which is different in a good way. I look forward to doing new things after having accomplished this goal, it’s all in good fun.

So this is where my challenge for you comes in, it’s what I am going to try to do this next year and start practicing this month. Think of the top five positive things that you want to do daily. Now try to do them everyday during December and see where it goes and more importantly, how it feels. No one is tracking you so feel free to switch in/out things but you goal is to just hit five positive things a day in your own way. An example off the top of my head would be: 1. Get 7+ hours of sleep, 2. Spend an hour with your loved one/s, 3. Count your calories and stay under X, 4. Spend an hour at the gym with more stretching involved (expect a post), and 5. Read a chapter of a book. Then expand from there. Maybe five things isn’t enough, maybe it’s too much or maybe it’s just right. Whatever works for you, I think this will be my challenge for next year, just for me. Health, body and mind focus for a whole year, less screen time, alcohol and fried foods and more sleep, reading and enjoyment. After a year of sharing our journey it will be time to do some self-focus possibly to never blog again but what a memory this will be for us, a life changing year to say the least.

Item 333 of 360+

Today’s item is a shirt from Amalia. She said that she doesn’t need this shirt anymore because she has new initials, which warmed my heart of course. This is a great shirt and she still wears her maiden name proud as a beautiful Irish middle name. We got rid of the shirt so it will not be donated but the closets are once again less filled with things we don’t need, which is still a victory.

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