Day 312 – Time of Day

“Don’t give anything unworthy of your attention the time of day.” – TJ Thomas

How many times have you heard someone say verbatim “well it used to be such a good show so I have to see it through…” Well, no actually you do not.. If it’s not worth your time, stop doing it. It’s unworthy loyalty from people trying to reminisce about past success from both the show and their enjoyment of the show. Now shows are only an example, this can be discussed about a plethora of things. Do I do it? Unfortunately yes. However, I am improving. My biggest flaw was playing video games like Call of Duty regardless of if it was a good video game. Now, I know when to stop and I also realize that my enjoyment is really from the social aspect of it and not the playing part. But one of the biggest examples that I hear about a lot is the show “The Walking Dead.” Fans will say it stopped being good X amount of seasons ago and my first question is, well why are you still watching it? There has to be a stopping point for everything. Instead of embracing the suck, it would be more beneficial to find something that could positively influence your life.

My most recent “unworthy of time” moment was when I was reading a book I didn’t enjoy very much. It was a recommendation from someone so I won’t say the name of the book. I think there was added pressure to continue reading and finish the book due to the whole recommendation aspect so I did end up finishing it. However, in hindsight, it was a mistake and I wish I just stopped after I realized it wasn’t my cup of tea. Also, shame on me for not just being honest and saying it instead of continuing to do something that I didn’t enjoy. Regardless it was a short book and it’s over now. Most of these types of mistakes are easier found in hindsight. The important thing is to try to learn from your mistakes and be a little better next time. So this is to help you and me be a little better next time and to try our best to do the things we love more than the things we do not.

Speaking of things we love, tomorrow is another adventurous vacation for us so expect small posts and decluttered items until we return. Expect to hear all about it when we get back. If you want a clue of where we will be, it rhymes with Silverado, kind of.

Item 312 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is a t-shirt from Amalia. This was a shirt she received from an event recently and she knew she would most likely not wear it again. Instead of putting it in a drawer to stay in there for a few years, she decided to get rid of it right away. It’s a new shirt so we will be donating it in hopes that someone will be able to use it.

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