Day 292 – The Last Push

“Keep Pushing. It will all be worth it.” – Anonymous

An update from yesterday’s digital declutter post. I set a goal for myself to clear my email by both unsubscribing and reading them. I am happy to update that my email went from 1,072 to 8. Plus, I got much less emails today thanks to the Great Unsubscribe I went through last night.

The weather is changing in Pennsylvania and it’s really starting to feel like Fall. It reminds of this time last year. I would say around now I was starting to want to be more minimalistic but I didn’t know how to start. My best advice to my last year self and anyone reading this is to stop thinking about it and instead start doing. Fast forward to now and we write daily posts and get rid of an item daily. It’s the perfect amount for us. We are not minimalists but we do think minimalistic-ly now. Instead of buy, buy, buy, we now put some thought into it. And when we buy, we also give and get rid of old things.

I no longer feel attached to my items. Sure, I still like my items but that’s because they have survived 292 days (and counting) of being cut from our lives, which means they serve some sort of greater purpose. I don’t hold onto to T-Shirts that don’t fit just because I like them anymore. I don’t drive an expensive truck that has me living close enough to paycheck to paycheck anymore. I don’t collect items to sit on shelves or in boxes anymore. Losing the attachment has helped me gain more time back for the things that matter like friends, family, travel, adventure or a combination of a few.

I am not perfect but I am making progress towards my goals while seeing life from a new perspective and it feels great. This past year hasn’t been easy with all of our events, mixed with work, health/gym goals and daily posts. However, I think it has changed us for the better and I hope to continue down the path of less. This next 2.5 months will fly by and this is now our final push for the posts and items. We have done very well up to this point and believe that we are poised to make a strong finish with our 360 in 365 goal. Let’s hope this final push is a fun one and Happy Fall to everyone!

Item 292 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is an Amazon Alexa. This has been sitting around for some time and it finally dawned on me that it was time to go. We have some Alexa’s around the house but we just don’t need this one anymore so it’s time to get rid of it. Good riddance junk drawer Alexa.

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