Day 276 – Weather Changing

“A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves.” – Marcel Proust

” Weather changes naturally but people willingly.” -Sumi Barman

With the weather changing, it’s time to swap out the summer clothes in preparation for Fall and winter clothes. It’s the perfect opportunity to declutter items we no longer need. I just completed phase one when I realized there were a bunch of unused polos sitting in my closet. At my job, I wear polos nearly year round. However, they especially get their use in the Summer since I wear them for work, golf or events. And yet.. still unworn polos. There was a noticeable trend though. It was some of my older and more beat up polos that never left their hangers. Anything old and beat up needs to be tossed, there is no reason to save clothes like that especially if you’re not wearing them. I got rid of all of the unused polos and some that I wore because it was time. Then I replaced them with a few new ones. Most importantly, now every polo in my closet are ones that I will actually wear. The plan is to do that with all of my clothes for the summer season. Phase two will be coming soon followed by more phases until complete. Winter is coming. My suggestion is to use the change of season for a change of self. How do you plan to make changes in this new season?

Item 276 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is another polo. This one had a symbol on it from a previous job and I decided it was time to move on from it. It kept me from wearing it so there is no reason to keep it around now. Goodbye polo, time for phase two.

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