Day 261 – My Debut

“You know, if I can survive marching band, I can survive anything.” – Nellie McKay

Well, today is the day! As you’re reading this, I will probably be marching downtown with a snare drum strapped to my pelvis for the halfway to St. Patrick’s Day parade. I’m very excited and very nervous but today will go great, I just know it! It’ll be fun and I’m so glad I joined this group. They already feel like family and I feel like after today, we’ll only get closer. The best part is… TJ will be joining me as well in the parade! He will be doing color guard for us which is very cool of him. It’s important that you share interests (or at least pretend to show interest) with your spouse. It only makes your relationship stronger and I’m just so excited to see how this weekend unfolds!

Item 261 of 360+

Less than 100 items to go! I wonder if I should start singing the song…”99 items to go for the blog, 99 items to go! Take one out, toss it in a bag, 98 items to go for the blog!” Hey, I tried haha. Today’s item is an old Race for the Cure T-shirt that’s no longer worn.

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