Day 252 – For Us

“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” – Sherrilyn Kenyon

A lot of our blog posts are about our day-to-day events and pretty much just about what our day consists of. Our main goal in minimalism but a lot of our regular day is important to stress and how we incorporate minimalism into our lives. For example, a lot of the times we talk about what we are grateful for, making smart decisions, and not letting the small stuff get you down. Sure it may seem like we just wrote about whatever (and sometimes this may be true) but most of the time we have a point to it. Just writing the post for us is therapeutic itself and strengthens us individually as well as a couple.

So, next time you read a blog post and think, why am I reading this? Well, you may get something out of it you didn’t expect and if not, then maybe next time we’ll write about something you can connect with. Overall, this blog is mostly about ourselves. If we get a lot of viewers and followers, then that’s awesome! However, the goal isn’t to get famous here. It’s just to express our journey into minimalism and our goal of 360 in 365.  If we can get a lot of followers and viewers, that just means to us that we might be helping others start their me journey or continue their journey into minimalism. 

Item 252 of 360+

Today’s item is an Aruba purse I kept for many years for sentimental reasons. I never really used it and it was time to say goodbye.

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Living each day to the fullest and sharing the journey in my blogs.

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