Day 251 – The Best Gift

“The best gifts come from the heart, not from the store.” -Sarah Dessen

Today I shared a book recommendation with a friend. It wasn’t just a book, it happens to be my favorite book and guess who it was written by, the Minimalists. Yes, my favorite book to this day is Everything That Remains by Joshua Fields Millburn with notes from Ryan Nicodemus. It came up in conversation today and it made me think about one of the best gifts I have ever received. Now number one is probably my Playstation 3 because I met so many people and a few close friends that I still talk to this day with that awesome console. One of my favorite gifts that was less money and more personal was a book with the recommendation to read it after college. This was of course The Total Money Makeover which I believe I have mentioned before. It’s such a great book to read to learn about finances, something every person should think about at least a little bit after college. It was such a thoughtful gift because this person read the book, wished they read it sooner and saw that I was in a great spot in my life to read and comprehend the book to make positive changes in my life. It did the trick and had a major impact on my life, it goes hand in hand with minimalism. Less things, less debt. This is why the Minimalists and Dave Ramsey get along and have podcasts together. I am excited to read the new book by the Minimalists called Love People Use Things. I am hoping to have some time on a work trip coming up to dive into the book. Maybe this will be my next recommendation for others to read or maybe it will be more than that, possibly a gift for someone who could use it.

Item 251 of 360+

Today’s decluttered items are some cool makeup bags from Amalia. These may be able to be used by someone else so we plan on donating them.

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