Day 242 – Too Much

“If it feels like too much, it’s too much.” – Joshua Fields Millburn

Today’s quote and subsequent blog post are inspired by The Minimalists podcast today. Josh said that if something is too much, chances are, it’s just too much for you. This struck a chord with both TJ and I. How many things have we pushed through and kept doing even though the voice in our heads said otherwise? Your body and mind are good indicators of when something is too much for you.

Let’s say you have a stressful job, you may be losing sleep either thinking of the stresses from this job, or just working too many hours. Your body will start to wear down over time with exhaustion and you’ll start making little mistakes, become irritable, and not have time for the things you enjoy anymore. Your mind from this stressful job can become tested when the higher income goes to your head. It’s so important to find your happy medium in life because if not, and something is too much, you carry it with you everywhere. When you get a less stressful job but making a little less, often times it’s worth it for the increased happiness you’ll now have. If the big house you bought is too big and too expensive, it’s not worth the stress to hold onto it and have to worry about making the mortgage payments.

The quote today can really apply to so many aspects of your life which is probably why TJ and I like it so much. Going back to minimalism, if you start thinking you’ve accumulated too much stuff, well, you’ve accumulated too much stuff! Start making a change, stop buying more and start getting rid of some things. In the last words of both Heat Miser and Snow Miser’s songs in A Year Without a Santa Claus, “Too Much!”

Item 242 of 360+

Today’s item is an old college homecoming t-shirt I had that I stopped wearing due to it being worn out. Time to say goodbye and get it out of the closet.

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