Day 234 – Road Trip

“All he needed was a wheel in his hand and four on the road.” – Jack Kerouac

“It’s a road trip! It’s about adventure! . . . It’s not like we have somewhere to go.” – John Green

Today three friends and I got in a car and took a little road trip. My friend is in town from Seattle so we wanted to spend some time with him of course. We had some plans for outside adventures, however some rain got in the way. It didn’t stop us from having a great day as we adapted and overcome. It truly didn’t matter what we did, it was all just about getting some quality time in together like we used a few years back when we all lived in the same town. Even though it’s been a while, it was like nothing changed and that’s the best kind of friendship one can have.

Item 234 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is a little bag from Amalia. It’s something she didn’t need anymore so we donated it in hopes that someone else could use it.

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