Day 223 – Little Home Improvements

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

Now that we have our first home, I’ve been trying to get more creative with what small, cost-effective improvements I can make throughout the house. These improvements can be anything from shelves, hooks, and baskets to create more space friendly options, to adding LED lights, small area rugs, and a fresh coat of paint for a functional use yet modern look to the home. These improvements not only prevent you from breaking the bank, but also allow you to take advantage of what you already have by enhancing it.

I personally enjoy having a more organized, functional home and am always looking for new, creative ideas to improve it. TJ thinks I go crazy with it but I actually enjoy it. If you take an old chair, for example, and sand it down and add a different coat of paint to it; it creates a brand new chair. Not only did you improve the quality of the chair rather than throwing it out and buying a new one, but you were the one to create this new thing. Having a project you started and finished yourself adds a level of pride where you feel like you can accomplish anything. I mean, that’s how I feel after I’ve completed something. It may seem like a small feat, but you’re the one who made it happen and I think being creative and adding a functional purpose to your creativity is important to explore! If you have been thinking about starting a DIY project in your home, I encourage you to start it! Especially while the summer is still here to get things accomplished!

Item 223 of 360+

Today’s item is a pair of shoes I recently gave to a friend of mine. I hardly wore these shoes and they bothered my feet so rather than letting them sit in my closet, I donated them to my other shoe-loving friend!

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