Day 222 – Less in the Freezer

“Make your refrigerator or freezer like a treasure chest.” – Lidia Bastianich

Insert blue emoji with the icicles on the side of the smile. Let’s talk about freezers. I bet you have a lot of unused food in your freezer. It’s a good and bad thing but it’s all about some give and take. Do you see yourself using the food you freeze as much as you add new food to the freezer. I was downstairs in the basement yesterday and opened up the freezer to realize that there is a bunch of meat I forgot about in there. My challenge is simple, I am going to try to start using at least one thing from that freezer a week. This way I can take advantage of some of the delicious stuff we have had stored for a while rather than buying it from the store every week. I’m sure some of you can do a similar challenge. Another thing to do is staying on top of what has gone bad or has gotten freezer burnt in your fridges to help with space and cleanliness in your fridges.

Item 222 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is a love seat that had a dent in the cushion from use. We definitely loved this chair but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to declutter this item as we no longer needed it. It cleared up so much space in our living room and we are very happy it is gone now.


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