Day 221 – Monday Reflection

“At some point, you will hit a plateau. If you keep doing the same things you did to get to that point, make a change.” – J.R. Rim

Today I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on our journey so far. It’s not only beneficial to talk about our progress, but to be able to look back on my older posts and see how far I’ve come since the last reflection. We are already at day 221 (holy crap) and It’s August already. This year, we already have gotten rid of over 221 items in our house! To be honest, we had a lull period and both TJ and I honestly didn’t think we’d be able to find more stuff to get rid of. However, the items keep coming and we get more and more creative along the way with the items we choose to be rid of. It’s like a bell curve, TJ and I are both engineers so if you get the reference, I appreciate your fellow nerdiness. Nonetheless, the bell curve represents a gradual increase until it plateaus and starts going downward. The bell curve represented the first part of our minimalism journey as it was easy to get rid of stuff in the beginning since we hadn’t been getting rid of much beforehand, and then started to run out of the items that were “easy” to get rid of. This is when we hit our plateau. After hitting our plateau, we had to become creative and stretch our limits a little further (within reason of course). We started shifting our focus to other areas of the house, other kinds of items we had multiple of, and some items that aren’t even tangible such as social media accounts. Then, the 360 in 365 challenge became easier and we started to find more items to get rid of. I’m proud of the progress TJ and I have made thus far and am excited to see where we are at the 365 day mark.

Item 221 of 360+

Today’s item is our old grill. The grill broke during the move and really hasn’t been working right since it broke. We were due for a new one since this one was old and TJ decided to seize the opportunity and throw this baby out while we had our roofing dumpster.

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