Day 219 – Encourage Friends

“Don’t ever be too busy to encourage others.” – Anonymous

I’ve been thinking about the friendships TJ and I have and start to realize what makes the relationships so strong. One of those things is encouragement. I think it’s so important to be able to cheer your friends on, offer them advice, compliment them, and push them to do things that are good for them. The more you encourage them, the less it is about you and the more it becomes about them. The ultimate friend is that one there for you to push you through both your darkest and brightest moments. They are the ones there for you and encouraging you to get back up again and/or praising the good things that occur in your life. As we get older, friendships tend to fade out. You have kids, you move, get new careers, change interests and it causes a lot of friendships to fade out due to lack of communication and involvement in each other’s lives. If you keep the line of communication open, keep that interest in your friend’s life open and the encouragement, and the friendships will grow and continue to flourish. Encouragement is the key to lasting successful friendships. Keep in touch with friends and let them know you care!

Item 219 of 360+

Today’s item is a set of pillows we threw out in the dumpster that was in front of the house!

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