Day 216 – After All This Time

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited of what could go right.” – Tony Robbins

I’ve made the move and set the date. A date I’ve been wanting to make happen for my entire life, and it’s finally coming. I’m meeting my brother for the first time. TJ and I have been preaching in this blog on multiple occasions to get out there and make things happen if you want them to in life, because no one will do it for you. Well, I’ve always wanted to meet the half brother I always knew I had, and now I have the chance to finally meet him after all these years. I’ll admit, I didn’t know how to find him until recently when my aunt in Ireland who’s a genealogist, was able to track down his contact information. Instead of sitting on it, I acted on it. The past few months have been especially hard since losing my step brother. Knowing that I have a chance to meet another sibling and possibly forming a relationship with them is something incredibly special. After the past few months, I did not want to waste this opportunity.

Sometimes people choose not do things because it would be easier that way. This isn’t going to be easy by any means, but I can’t avoid it. Life’s hardest times and moments make you stronger. My diverse childhood made me strong and I’m glad for all the events, good and bad, that have happened in my life. These events made me the person I am today and I am so excited to get out of my comfort zone because this too, will make me stronger. Now that the date to meet is less than two weeks away, I’m finding myself thinking about how grateful I am to have this opportunity. Opportunities that arise may not always be in your best interests, but if it’s something you’ve thought about exploring, maybe you should as it may change your life.

Item 216 of 360+

Today’s item is a shirt of mine that, well, I just don’t like anymore. I’ll either be giving it to my sister if she wants it, or donating it.

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