Day 210 – Cards

“Find joy in the little things this Christmas.”

“The greatest gift of all this holiday season is a loving family and close friends.”

“The most wonderful gift I can receive this Christmas is to celebrate with you.”

You’ve seen it all by now, every card for Christmas, birthdays, *insert holiday here* has it’s heartfelt, cheesy or humorous quotes. I think cards are nice gestures but at the same time they are unnecessary. The holidays are about seeing family not the presents, which is really all the Grinch and Cindy lou who were really trying to tell everyone. Regardless, getting gifts is more than fine but a generic card is just added clutter. Now you’re probably thinking, come on, it’s just one card. Yes, it is one card but when everyone sends/brings one to you, you end up with a big pile of cards. This pile then ends up in drawer, on the counter and hopefully, eventually in the garbage. We used to keep cards around for years but not anymore. Cards do not get to escape the chopping block during our declutter journey. Just to sum it up, we like cards but just like decorations, they should be put away within a reasonable amount of time after the holiday. The one exception is that in the case of the cards, they should be put in the trash or hopefully recycled to make more cards to recycle. This ends my rant, I hope you were enlightened and threw away some 2018 birthday cards and 2019 Turkey day cards.

Item 210 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is… you guessed it, cards!

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