Day 207 – If Only, Only If

“He sighed and knew that life was full of ‘if only’ for everyone.” – Colin Dexter

If only we started a blog 207 days ago, think of how far we would be. Things aren’t just going to happen, they happen only if you make it so. So I decided to write about if onlys today and ended up down a rabbit hole of deep quotes talking about the if onlys… well everyone, I hate to simplify it but if you turn your if onlys into only ifs, your life will become much better. Your regrets of the past are just lessons for the current and future. It will get better only if one decides to and takes action to make them better. The best advice is to avoid the if onlys of life and just try to live a meaningful life. 

So today I wanted to talk about upgrading certain things such as clothing or devices. These are my only ifs of life from now on. If I want a new pair of shoes, I will buy them only if I can get rid of my current ones. We don’t need old pairs of shoes, clothes, tech, etc. laying around gathering dust. Whether it is good to sell, give to someone else or trash them, it becomes clutter the day you don’t use them anymore. Let us know if you have some other good examples of only ifs in your life.

Item 207 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is a tank top from Amalia. This shirt has been worn plenty and its time to let it go. This is not an example of an only if today unfortunately or fortunately but if Amalia wanted to replace it she would know that the predecessor isn’t stuck on the bottom of a drawer somewhere with no purpose.

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