Day 205 – Adding Value

If it doesn’t add value, it’s waste” – Henry Ford

“The best way to add value to yourself is by adding value to other people.” -John Maxwell

So we talk a lot about the items we get rid of during our 360 in 365 challenge to declutter one item a day. Has it been helped? Absolutely. However, just because we are decluttering and minimalizing, it doesn’t mean we haven’t made purchases this year, of course. I figured we should dive into some purchases we made to add more value to our lives. The first thing that comes to mind is our new bed. We are not sponsored, so believe me when I tell you, our new Nectar mattress is amazing! It’s a big deal having a good place to rest, it’s where most people spend anywhere from 20-35% of their lives. This has been so good so far and having the new mattress really does seem to be life-changing so far. Another purchase was a new couch, because we had a hand-me-down that was getting older and losing it’s comfort. The last example was some patio furniture for the back porch so we could take advantage of the nice weather and eat outside, which replaced some old chairs that were falling apart.

These are all perfect examples of reasonable items to purchase to which can help add comfort to your life and each one have some things in common. One, it was things we’ve had before that we knew we already liked so it was a great to get a newer version of it since it was time due to wear and tear. Also, instead of holding onto the old things, we made sure to give things to others or declutter the things instead of holding onto them. So for anyone wondering, we do still make purchases and even some mistakes with new items however, the key is we are trying to improve and focus on items that only add value to our lives. We know we will never be perfect but we hope to keep improving and most importantly, make the most out of everyday.

Item 205 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is a tote bag that’s never been used. It’s one of those items you get and store away in a closet or drawer to never be used again. Goodbye to this bag, maybe we can keep it around to put the next few decluttered items in to bring to someone who can use them.

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