Day 201 – Improvise

“You adapt. You overcome. You improvise.” – Clint Eastwood

First thing first, it’s nice to be back to live blogging. I was very tired writing the last 12 posts in one night prior to leaving for California so I apologize if there were any overlooked grammatical errors but that’s in the past now. Also, WOOH, we’re officially past 200 items decluttered, some big, some small but all a step in the right direction! I’m actually glad to be back to some normalcy, we have been catching up to at-home tasks again which has been the norm during the period of wedding, honeymoon and our latest trip to California. Catching up is never fun because it means you fell behind and I’m ready to just be on top of everything and we should be in that sweet spot again by the end of the week. 

So what’s the latest. We were in California and I’ll let Amalia give the run down of all the details but we had an amazing trip. We had a party house with friends, saw friends we haven’t seen in too long, celebrated our best friend Alex’s marriage, which was a blast. This all happened in/near the Santa Cruz / San Jose area. Then we went to Hollywood, Disneyland and finished in San Diego visiting family and exploring. It was incredible! 

So why did I call this post improvise? Well that’s a fantastic question, I’m glad you asked. So we drove down the whole west coast and had a great time in California however the way back was not as great. We had a flight to Charolette, NC and landed on time. Then we had our 3 hour layover and a few min before boarding our flight was delayed. No big deal until it was delayed again and ultimately cancelled with almost every other flight due to weather. It was 12 AM, which was fine but then we were notified that there was no flights until Monday which was a big problem because I was starting my new job on Monday (yesterday). It was not the best situation to be in.

This is the point where you have to decide whether you are going to go into freak out, panic mode or adapt/improvise mode. I instantly thought of renting a car and driving up the coast to PA but the only problem was how late it was. We ended up having to wait for our bags for two hours, struggled through getting a hotel room and then booking a car for the next morning. We got to bed at 3AM and I woke up at around 7:30 AM to go and pick up the car and drive up the east coast. We made it up safe and sound and made a little road trip out of it with some stops for food. When all was over, it was the adapt and overcome attitude that got us through it and I was able to make it to my first day of work which was awesome, just a bit tiring of course. After all of it, it’s a fun story and now the trip can be summed as down the west coast and up the east coast. 

Item 201 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item are just some simple magnets I didn’t want anymore. I like magnets with a purpose/memory for the fridge and these are just random items. I honestly don’t even know how I obtained them but now I will always know how I got rid of them.

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