Day 191 – Coast to Coast

“California Love, California knows how to party.” -Tupac Shakur

If you’re reading this, welcome, this is TJ from the past as I prepared some items ahead of time for our trip to California. In fact, we have been here for two days now. Today is my best friend Alex’s wedding and we are excited to celebrate with him and his bride, Maddie. They are a wonderful couple and we wish them years and years of happiness. We also hope they get a nice house that meets their needs in California together, with at least one guest room so we can visit more! lol, joking aside, California is a great place to travel to. I was just here last year pre-pandemic and I loved almost every second of it (I got poison oak, so that part sucked). We are excited for our trip and will give a nice recap when we return at an undisclosed date. We have to stay unpredictable, it’s part of our charm. Until we are back, expect some days of just items instead of full blogs as I have written four blogs in a few hours and that’s my fill for writing for a while. We hope you enjoy the decluttered items and that one, some or all of them inspire you to declutter something unnecessary in your home/life. 

Item 191 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is a hat. I have so many hats, it’s a bit crazy. I used to not even wear hats much but I will say that I have been wearing them much more often now. However, there is no need for a bunch of hats, especially if they are old or you have no plan of wearing them.

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