Day 189 – Personal Time

“The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” – Bertrand Russell

“Time management is really personal management, life management and management of yourself.” – Brian Tracy

This is our fourth day in a five day discussion about the important things to do daily. To recap, we have discussed exercise (health), a to-do and goals. Today’s discussion on the fourth daily important thing to do is to have some personal time. Let’s start by saying, personal time does not need to be “you” time. This can be simply watching an episode of the current show with your significant other or going to dinner with a friend. This can also be playing a video game or reading a book. The quote above says it best, the personal time you enjoy wasting is not wasted. This personal time is earned and well deserved especially after working, completing tasks and working on goals. Now each day it will vary and this may be the smallest portion of your day but getting in just a little bit of time each day will help you enjoy your days. It’s like an award for having a productive day. The problem with personal time is it is usually the most enjoyable. This means most people want to skip being productive and stay in this space a little longer. I do it myself from time to time. What I have gotten much better at doing though is ensuring everything is done before I do much personal time. I will admit, this is the part I have been lacking the most recently but it’s because we have been very busy with the to-dos and goals. I’m hoping it settles down a little more at the end of the Summer but if I had to choose one thing to have a little less of, it would be this because I try to get my two-for-one special at the gym by listening to podcasts.

Item 189 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is a bobblehead. So some backstory, I am very excited as I recently found out that I got a promotion that I applied for and interviewed for, which just adds to how awesome of a year it has been. I had to clean out my desk and oh boy, the accumulation of things has been noted. So many knick knacks and things I no longer need. These will be the items for next week or two as there was a bunch of stuff I no longer needed. Nothing is better than starting a new job with a clean, minimalist approved work desk.


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