Day 141 – YOUO

“There is beauty in simplicity.” – Gail Lynne Goodwin

The phrase Drake made famous, you only live once (YOLO) was on the mind when we made our own version of it. You Only Use Once, YOUO, are for those items that get used once and then never again to be stored away or kept somewhere until they get dusty. Fear the YOUO items when shopping and embrace getting rid of the YOUO items in your life now. If you have only used it once, it’s time for it to go. This can go for clothes or just random items you purchased, used, didn’t like and then pushed aside. Take this as you will, whether that be to think on or to declutter your own YOUO things laying around.

Item 141 of 360+

Today’s item is a striped sweater, I have unfortunately already made the spongebob joke before though. However, there is something else about this sweater that relates to my life. This color scheme is “Amalia’s colors” as we say. It’s an inside joke but she loves wearing this blue and green so I had a sweater to match as well. This is a great sweater but it has aged and I have plenty more so I thought it was time to say goodbye. Random fact, blue-green also happens to be my favorite Crayola crayon color.

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