Day 135 – The Tux and Da Dress

“In a tuxedo, I’m a star. In regular clothes, I’m a nobody.” -Dean Martin

Tomorrow the wedding will officially be two weeks away and now we won’t shut up about it! It’s hectic, but a good hectic. Today was an awesome day because my tuxedo was in and I can take a breath of relief that everything fits just as it should. Not as important as the dress of course, but Amalia had her final fitting this past week as well and we are both ready to go! We met with the DJ this week as well and finalized our guest count. It is a great feeling to be this close and have the pieces of the puzzle finally fitting together after such a long wait with the pandemic and everything. It’s getting so real and it’s so satisfying to have all of your work put into something, start to form into a beautiful event that you’ll never forget. Trusting that the day will be great no matter what is such a huge thing to overcome. What if it rains, what if a vendor doesn’t show up in time, what if I forget something… these are all the thoughts running through our heads this week and we just have to take a breath, and trust that it’ll be a blast no matter what. A big sigh of relief and a happy weekend to come. Until then we’ll be busy….but good busy.

Item 135 of 360+

Today’s items are a big spoon and little spoon, kind of like the big dipper and the little dipper haha. Once again these are items from our kitchen that have had their turn and we decided to declutter and be rid of.

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